For Current Parents


Enrolled parents receive access to a detailed events and closings calendar upon enrollment.  Prospective parents, please contact the Center directly to request a current calendar. Kids is open 7:30am-6pm Monday through Friday except on the following occasions:

  • All University Holidays
  • When the University is closed for inclement weather (see inclement weather policy below)
  • 5 days in the summer for Professional Development 
  • 2 days (one in the Fall and one in the Spring) for Parent-Teacher conferences

The center also closes early on a few other days throughout the year prior to Holidays and special events.  These dates are announced at least 30 days in advance.


If families wish to view the Parent Handbook or update any of their children's forms, please see the Forms & Other Information page. If the form you are looking for is not available there, please email our Office Manager.

Snack Menu








Cereal & Milk

Whole Wheat Cracker + Cheese Slices
& Water

Vanilla Yogurt
 & Water

Unsweetened Applesauce + Goldfish Crackers**
& Milk

Bagels/English Muffins** + Cream Cheese/Fruit Preserves
& Water


Apple Slices + Sunflower Seed Butter
& Milk

Market-Fresh Fruit/Vegetable* & Milk

Bananas & Milk

Pita** + Hummus
& Water

Apple Slices + Sunflower Seed Butter
& Milk

* Based on what is fresh, seasonal, and in good supply from typical suppliers. Possible fresh fruits and vegetables include: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, melon, oranges, clementines, peaches, pineapple, plums, cucumbers, pears, cantaloupe, avocado

** Whenever possible, we strive to provide these items in a whole wheat variety.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Center follows the University's inclement weather policy. Any decisions to close, open late or close early are made by designated officials at the University. The University announces closures, delayed openings, etc. via HOYAlert (text, email, and phone calls), on radio and TV stations, on the University home page and on the “snow” line, 202-687-SNOW (7669). We strongly recommend that all GU affiliated parents sign up for HOYAlert to get emergency and operating status notifications directly from the University. To enroll go to:

As soon as the University communicates a closure or delayed opening via HOYAlert, Hoya Kids administrators will send an email through the HKLCparents-L Google Group. If the decision was made overnight, we will plan to send the email by 6:15 am.

In case of delayed opening, Hoya Kids will always try to have the Center open prior to the time the University has announced its opening in order to facilitate getting parents to their class or job on time.  In these instances, we will communicate our opening time through the procedures mentioned above. Parents may come into the Center prior to the opening time, but must remain in the lobby until that designated time to ensure that teachers and classrooms are ready to receive children. When the University opens on time and declares that liberal leave is in effect, Hoya Kids Learning Center will open on time.  

If there is a delayed opening or liberal leave, we ask that all parents reply to the email or leave a message on our main line to notify us whether or not you intend to bring your child/ren to HKLC. We also ask for your approximate arrival time. This information helps us maintain adequate staff-to-child ratios.

If the University declares that it is closing early due to serious weather conditions, we will contact families immediately to communicate a designated time by which all children must be picked up. We ask that you reply promptly to any such email to confirm receipt of the message. If we do not hear back from families via email within a reasonable time frame, we will begin making phone calls to ensure the message is delivered to each family in a timely manner. Our late pick-up policy will take effect at the designated closure time.