Scholarship Information

A scholarship program is available for qualified applicants to assist with tuition costs. The number and amount of scholarship funds awarded are dependent upon the funds available for this purpose. Applications are available and can be obtained by contacting the Director. All application information is confidential. More information is available in the FAQs below.

What is the Hoya Kids Scholarship fund?

The Fund is money from an endowment designated to assist qualifying Hoya Kids Learning Center (HKLC) families with monthly childcare fees.

Who is eligible?

Actively enrolled HKLC families who are Georgetown University students, staff or faculty, with a combined adjusted gross annual income of $150,000 or less. Confirmation of a space available at HKLC does not automatically guarantee that scholarship funds will be available to you.

What is considered “income”?

For the purpose of this award, we will consider both taxable and any non-taxable income that a family may earn. We will review both your U.S. tax return (including all applicable schedules) and W-2’s (if applicable). We also consider foreign sources of income, stipends, and child support in making the decision about scholarship awards.

How do I apply for assistance?

You may obtain an application from the HKLC Director and return the completed application and the requested income verification to the Director.

Scholarship applications will be due no later than August 1st of each year and all applications will be reviewed together before making annual scholarship decisions. If a scholarship application is submitted more than 3 months before the submission deadline, a new scholarship application may be required to reflect a family’s most current financial documentation. Applications will be accepted year round but may be denied or deferred based on the remainder of funds available for scholarships for that year.

What documentation is required?

Documents sufficient to verify family income/assets may include, but are not limited to: 1040 U.S. Federal Tax Return, W-2, payroll statement, U.S. Dept of Justice I-20 form, bank statement, child support order, letter from your employer, and income and/or tax statement from overseas sources. HKLC reserves the right to request that applicants and participating families provide additional documentation at any time.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

You will be notified in writing by the HKLC Director of your application’s status (i.e., approved, denied, or deferred) once all requested documents are submitted and your qualifying financial, student and/or employment status is verified. Monies from the Fund will be disbursed only to families who are actively enrolled at Hoya Kids.

What is the monthly allocation and how will I receive it?

Your monthly allocation will be determined based on the income bracket in which your documented family income falls, and the availability of funds.

If your family’s combined adjusted gross annual income falls below $100,000, the scholarship award will range between 20% and 50% of the basic tuition rates. Every effort will be made to maintain your scholarship award levels from year to year throughout your child’s enrollment as long as your family’s financial situation remains below the income eligibility threshold.

If your family’s combined adjusted gross annual income falls between $100,000 and $150,000, the scholarship award will be up to 20% of the basic tuition rates. Scholarships awarded to these families will be reassessed each year based on the availability of funds.

The funds are credited directly to your HKLC monthly childcare statement. You are billed for the remaining balance. The actual award percentage will be stated in the letter you receive from the Director notifying you of your application approval.

What is the tax implication to me if I receive this assistance?

Students: Georgetown University will issue any required tax documents directly to you as required by the Internal Revenue Code.

Faculty and Staff Employees: This tuition assistance is provided to employees in accordance with 26 U.S.C. § 129 (Dependent Care Assistance Programs). Depending on the amount of assistance received, income may be imputed in your final paycheck of the calendar year.

Recipients of tuition assistance funds should consult a tax professional for advice regarding any tax consequences.

If you have questions regarding what will be reported by the University to the IRS, please email

For how long is my application valid?

Your application is valid through June 30th of each year. You will be required to renew your application and provide updated documentation of family income on June 15th of each subsequent year for which you wish to receive assistance. Compliance with all other HKLC policies and procedures are also required to receive assistance.

Are scholarships available per child or per family?

Scholarships are considered per child, but acceptance for the 1st child does not guarantee acceptance for subsequent children since awards are in part based on the availability of funds.

Is my receipt of the assistance publicized?

With exception of disclosure as required to the Georgetown University Financial Affairs Tax Department, General Accounting Office and Payroll Services for financial and IRS reporting purposes, the names of the families receiving Scholarships from the Fund are kept confidential by the permanent, full-time administrative staff of HKLC.