Waiting List & Priorities

Families may turn in the Application Form and a check for the $75 application fee (payable to Hoya Kids Learning Center) at any time after their child is born. 

Hoya Kids Learning Center maintains a waiting list and immediate enrollment cannot be expected. Children who are offered a space are typically on the waiting list for a minimum of 18 months prior to enrollment, so early application prior to age-eligibility is highly encouragedFamilies are also advised to apply to other programs or have alternate child care arrangements in the event that a space is not available when you need it, or at all.

The preschool (Koalas) classroom is almost always filled with currently enrolled children who have moved into that classroom from the younger classroom. Therefore, children older than 3½ are rarely, if ever, newly enrolled.

The Hoya Kids waiting list is sorted by application date (which is defined by the date on which we receive the completed application form and fee) within the following categories, in order:

  1. Siblings of currently-enrolled children,
  2. Children of University-affiliated parents/guardians, and
  3. Children of on-site MedStar-employed parents/guardians. Due to the high demand from University-affiliated families, enrollment opportunities rarely arise for this group.

Hoya Kids makes waiting list application exceptions for families adopting children. Please consult the Director or Assistant Director for the details on how these exceptions work. 

Hoya Kids occasionally makes waiting list application exceptions for parents who have accepted an eligible affiliation with Georgetown University (as faculty, staff, or student) but have not yet officially begun this affiliation. Please consult the Director or Assistant Director regarding these exceptions, as soon as you are aware of the possibility that your family falls in one of these categories.